Poker Indelible Negreanu Glitters with Sanguinity


A multitude of poker events and tournaments are held annually, all with crowned champions being feted and taking home unthinkable amounts of cash. But amidst the copious poker competitions, only those launched at the global platform have been used as a yardstick to identify the “biggest sharks”. In concrete terms, what the stars at the hegemony of world poker players hall of fame would intimate is one thing. The real cash games can be a source of hefty returns especially in case of high stakes bets where winners acquire huge amounts. Some players like Daniel Negreanu have made remarkable accomplishments and domineered in the WSOP, WPT and other global tournament platforms, remaining the world’s top-notch.

His achievements are distinct, having won WSOP bracelets six times and the World Poker Tour events’ titles; his championship is pivoted on a personal perspicacious skill. He also emerged second when the WSOP event 2014 was held, accumulating an enormous prize jackpot of $29,750,000. Besides, he has come forth as the best player of the year twice for the WSOP and WPT accolades. The WSOPs bracelet award circuit poker tournaments’ prize has come to his hands while in Europe, Asia and USA. Negreanu has also participated in the World’s Poker Finals in Foxwoods where he won $55,064. This is all in addition to thirty-one WSOP finale table appearances and seventy jackpots finishes. Diversifying his winnings are the fortuitous spring’s championships of Online Poker multiple titles.

Along other notable achievements that he has earned worth-mentioning is the best-player title at the Foxwoods World Poker Final. Not surprisingly, Negreanu won the fourth yearly British-Columbia Poker-Championship major tournament, coming first ahead of 690 players and pocketing $371,910. With such unaccustomed winnings, he is counterbalanced to getting more titles and rake in more earnings at global-level events. He has latent aptitude that can enable him ascend up the ladder in a multi-billion dollars industry.

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Poker – Phil Ivey vs Paul Jackson- Jugada Impresionante

Bertrand Grospellier Video clip Score: four / 5


Bertrand Grospellier ElkY – APPT Seoul 08: Elky Day 2 WCOOP- PokerStars.com

Bertrand Grospellier Online video Rating: 5 / five


The world series of Poker

The World Series of Poker or WSOP is about to start in a few days time and preparations have already been started. Some of the ambitious and talented players are participating in these games and look to thoroughly entertain the visitors as well as themselves with some skills they have hidden under their sleeves. However the origin of poker is not recent and dates back to the distant past. Now many people look towards poker as not only as a source of entertainment but also a source of huge money making as the tournament offers a huge amount of price money to its winner.

Often the amounts involved in such games are more than you could make in a year and sometimes the winnings can reach to a million dollar as well with a couple or more games played instead of one. However if you want to hone your skills for this big tournament, you could play these online poker games which is both legal and entertaining as well. Often these games involve no money at all and one can easily learn the skills required to excel in these games.

Since there is no money required in these online casinos, there is no risk involved of losing or winning money as well. These sites can be the best place where you can play freely and evolve new methods or tactics for playing this game. Moreover these games can be played by people of any age and can easily make a name for them as well. However the World Series of Poker will see many new players with perhaps new tactics and skills so one must not expect an easy game in such competitions at all. After all, everyone has their eyes towards the prize money and none would have come without developing any tricks at all.

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Ben Lamb-Poker professional holding a single bracelet in his hands

When you think of playing the games, you can never forget the game of Poker. Poker is one such game which is purely handled by using the cards. The handling of these cards is really a tough one which only the professionals can acquire it by winning the game. Thinking of the game’s prizes? The player does earn the cash prize, fame and also the bracelet too. Among such professionals, you can always remember Ben Lamb for his winning of a bracelet in WSOP.

The player, Ben Lamb’s full name is Benjamin “Ben” Lamb. The player was born on March 31st 1985. The player is an American Poker Professional. The player is much knowable for his winning of 2011 World Series of Poker, and therefore he is the Player of the year. He was also given the title as Card Player’s Player of the year. The player, Ben Lamb was given the nickname as benba, Benba, and also as benba lamb. The player now does reside at Oklahoma. The player’s highest ITM money finish happened in the year 2011.

As Benba:

Ben Lamb started playing the game Poker by the year 2004. By the year 2006, Ben Lamb has won the United States Poker Championship, which is a $500 No Limit Hold’em. His notable win next to this was by the year 2010, which is a Spring Championship of Online Poker $109 No Limit hold’em event. In this play, Ben Lamb did outlast around 4204 competitors.  Before playing 2011 WSOP main event, Ben Lamb played 2010 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low split-8 where he came up finishing 5th place. The player, Ben Lamb has won the World Series of Poker by the year 2011 by holding a bracelet after winning $10, 000 Pot Limit Omaha.

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A Bracelet in his hands

When you consider playing the games, you can never forget the game of Poker which is actually playable from its inception in this globe. The game is simple, whereby the player needs to handle the cards by knowing the simple tactics or the laws, so that it can help the player out by playing, not just the playing alone whereby the player will gain the money as well as bracelet along with which the player will be popular too. Among such professional players, Bertrand Grospellier is a French Poker professional who is the very first French to earn a WSOP bracelet, a WPT title, and also a European Poker Tour title too. Read the rest of this entry »

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