Private Poker Room wave


The market of online poker games have hit a higher level of development, the launch of private poker room by dusk till dawn  Poker & Casino, the biggest and the most famous poker card room in Nottingham, UK. The private online poker room has been baptised as iPoker. The access to this room has been restricted only for some members of the live club.

The private poker room has a variety of things to be done, the list ranges from limitless Hold’em and Omaha games, both the games are available to the members at $.05 to $2/$5which totally depends on the buy-ins that ranges from 50-250 big blinds. The room and its feature create a big and more enthusiastic game plan in every mind. Club-Cash-Game is another heavier throw in the room, but gets access to this game; the players need to submit their photo id proves. The proof should carry all the original credentials to keep a scrutiny check.

The iPoker table is of octagon nature and any poker related software that could help the player to track is strictly prohibited. The CEO of the company states that the poker room is kept under crucialsurveillance of the manager Simon Trumper. CEO, Rob Yong, clarifies in his statement that bringing up the concept of private poker room is meant to target the online poker room experience of the players. Furthermore he states that, his expectation for the poker room is of 200 hours in a week. The past records of Yong’s success narrate that the count of traffic diverted towards the game has brought a tremendous increase with time. Probably Yong expects the same outcome for iPoker private online poker room also. The previous story of guaranteed €1m was big news; let’s see what makes iPoker bigger this time.

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