Joseph Hachem- A Brief History


Playing any game can yield the individuals a mind to feel the relief much. Any game can only give the refreshment to the individuals. There are plentiful games being played in the world, very notable game is always the Poker game from earlier days to till date. There are very professional players notable for this game, one such professional Poker player is Joe Hachem. Joseph Hachem was born on March 11th 1966. Joseph is an Australian player, who plays the game much professionally. It’s much notable that he was the first Australian player who won the main event held in 2005.

Temperamental player managed to control:
Having worked as a chiropractor in his earlier days, he started considering off his future in 1955. This is where he started playing the Poker game. Owning a small brokerage business in Victoria now, He stated that playing this game was temperamental, later he learned controlling his temper. He slowly started playing Poker in casinos and on internet. It was the year 2005 which brought in fame to his playing of the game Poker. Prior to entering the World Series of Poker, Joseph turned entering the series of playing Poker without knowing to the public at all. It was 2 weeks prior to the winning of the main event, he stood in 10th place in no limit Hold’em World Series Event winning a portion.

He bravely entered the main event and met the final table by outlasting 5618 players. It was World Series of Poker $10,000 no limit Texas hold’em event, where he won the game and made a record for all-time largest Poker tournament prize winning a cash of $7,500, 000. The very next year by 2006, he turned winning the first World Poker Tour title where he earns around $2.2 million. Also, he is much familiar that he turns to be one among the 5 players to win both WSOP event and WPT title.

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