Ira Gibbs – Popular Poker Players


In the game of Poker, you need a very high level of concentration. This rule applies to every field in life. If you want to gain mastery over something, you should give your full strength into it. Only then you will be able to reap its benefits. Ira Gibbs is one such kind of a player.

She is extremely devoted to the game of poker. While she is playing with lot of interest, she also keeps learning about the game. We can say that she is addicted to the game of poker. This is the reason; she is one of the most popular poker players in the world.

Her awards display the hold she has on the game.She has by now won $23926 in the game of poker. She is from St. Petersburg. It is a very well known place for Poker in United States. She has 4 career cashes on her name. It is a very great achievement. She has a high respect in the poker world. In the World Series of Poker she manages to earn a whooping amount of $22,731. Ira has also won 3 cashes on her name in World Series of Poker.

Ira Gibbs has not won any bracelets or final tables in World Series of Poker. Ira did not take part in World Poker Tour as well as European Poker Tour. On August 10, 2006 when she won $16493 in Event 41- No-Limit Hold’Em Championship, she managed to earn a place in everyone’s heart. She is a tactful player. It’s very difficult to understand her playing style. Till now nobody has been able to win against her. In future she plans to play World Series of Poker as well as European Tour which will multiply her fame in the game of Poker.

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