The state of Iowa took a step towards legalized on-line poker with supporters saying that if it does not, then the state is likely to lose millions of dollars in revenues per annum to companies outside the state and overseas running the state. The Senate of Iowa voted 29-20 in favor of a law which will give state-licensed casinos the power to run poker games online as long as computer and the person is located in Iowa.

It is to be noted that the state of Nevada and the District of Columbia have already voted to legalize online poker but they are still in the process of drawing up rules to regulate them. According to Jeff Danielson, residents of Iowa gamble approximately $ 30 million in online poker games each year and the money often goes to overseas firms which run online games.

Danielson cited this as a problem for the overall economy of the state. Terry Branstad, Iowa Republican governor said that he is quite open to consider the bill adding that in terms of regulating and controlling the game in the state, the top consideration has been to keep the game honest, transparent and free from criminal elements.

Branstad is serving his fifth term as the governor of the state and during the tenure, he has signed several casino related bills. As of now there are 17 state-licensed casinos in service in the state of Iowa all of which can contract with an Internet service provider to run on-line poker games.

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