Framed for fraud charges by US Attorney, Poker Player Travell Thomas cries bias


Poker Player Travell Thomas hailing from New York facing fraud charges alleged that the he has been unfortunate to be targeted as he is an African-American and wanted the removal of Preet Bharara the legendry US attorney from the south district of New York.

He also said that the man, who singlehandedly brought the illegal gambling online down in 2011, is biased and the prosecutor is against blacks. The Poker professional further claimed that the US attorney targeting him was also responsible for prosecuting Black Friday. Only civil charges are applied in most of the debt collection fraud litigations but in the case of Travell Thomas criminal charges have been registered against him and others for orchestrating the $31 million collection racket.

According to the claims of Thomas, Bharara only impeaches debt collection agency owners who are blacks. A complaint filed by him was heard and dismissed by Katherine Pol Failla, the Manhattan federal judge.

The judge apparently found that not much evidence was there to prove that Bharara was biased while making the decision to criminally proceed against the accused. In November 2015, Thomas Travell was arrested along with other defendants numbering 14. A press release issued at the time of arrest explained that the defendants attempted to coerce and trick victims in to paying the company by issuing false threats and a number of lies which also included that the notifications are coming from a law office and legal action like arrest warrants will be issued if the victims failed to pay the debts.

The legal team representing the poker player is in the hope that they can still depose Bharara as Federal Judge Failla had said that the defendants can use the argument if fresh evidences crop up. This much is certain that attorneys representing Travell will be looking forward to those evidences.

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