Fabrice Soulier-Poker to have won WSOP


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He is one of the professional poker players from France and owns a bracelet in 2011 WSOP.  He earned $3.2 million at live poker tournament.  Soulier has been one among the teacher of poker for one French show called NRJ Poker Stars with Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier.  He won the money finishes and cashed at $10,000 Main Event for first time completing in the place 49 out of 6,494 players.  By winning this event, he has earned $138,568.  In the WSOP, he had won 18 money finishes and cashed.

Cashed numerous times:

In the WPT, he made his final table for the first time.  He has also won five money finishes in the WPT.  In addition, he won five money finishes events in the EPT.  He was in the year 1969 at Avignon in France.  Fabsoul is the nickname for him and Soulier was the director of French TV Farce Attaque or Farce Attack before he started to play the poker professionally.  He enjoys travelling and watches cinema and he loves nature and yoga.  His overall earnings in World Series of Poker are $2,039,378 and he cashed 25 times.

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