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  • Pierre Neuville

    Pierre Neuville has been renowned to be one of the greatest competitive poker players in today’s arena. His penchant for the game and his dedication has taken him to the top within no time. He started playing sports at a […]

  • Avoid It on Weak Cards

    Frequent betting on weak cards shows players impatience in a game. While playing poker games on table or online, it is quite often seen that players go on betting their cards suits more and more by raising the amount or […]

  • WPT Vienna welcoming Party Poker

    WPT Vienna is welcoming big game festival in Austria this February. This is an interesting marathon game that will start with €25 or €50 amount. But when you will check the history of past seasons, you will observe that players […]

  • Master of the score

    Yevgeniy Timoshenko is known as the Jovial Gent as he is one of the best poker players in the circuit. He has cashed in 9 events with prize money more than 100K dollars, among which $ 2.1 million was the […]

  • Does bluffing come naturally or can it be taught?

    If there is one strategy that people use when playing poker that everyone – even non-players – will know it is bluffing. Essentially bluffing means trying to convince another player that you have a better hand of cards than you […]

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