Australian Mark Vos Wields Winning Skills


In spite of the numerous Americans at the helm of the global poker superstars, Australians take a heavy toll of the emerging professionals with an international bent. Mark Vos name cannot be omitted in the list of the top-achievers in the top-notch players from Australia who have left an indelible tinge in the poker industry.

At his nascent stages, he played online Limit Hold’em cash games and events where he sharpened his tactical perspicacity. He has participated in imperative poker games where he has performed impeccably in the Crown Australia Poker Championship that saw him garner A$ 83,600. He also participates in the Full Tilt Poker and is rumored to have shoveled in substantial sums at these platforms.

In 2006, Vos clinched a gold bracelet that catapulted him to the list of the youngest players at the 2006 WSOP (World Series of Poker) in the $2,000 NLHE Main Event. In the event, he bested a field of 1919 entrants to walk away with a stupendous $803,274. He was to vanish into oblivion after this winning as his name was absent in the poker landscape. He made a robust come back in 2008, though he did not clinch the trove gold bracelet at the WSOP events where he had four cashes including an 80th position out of 6,844 entrants in a $10,000 Buy-In Main Event to eke out $77,200. With his intermittent play and consistency at the WSOP, one cannot deny he wields the winning weapon when he participates at these high-profile events.

As of 2009, Vos had accumulated overall live tournaments beyond $1,200,000 with his nine cashes taking the lion’s share of $977,728. With his six-figure earnings at global poker tournaments, he paints a picture of a heroic Australian player who has played an imperative role in promoting poker in his backyard with inspiring titles and earnings.

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