A Player of Competitive Nature


Bertrand Grospellier was born in the year 1981, February 8 in France, Melun. This French Professional player casino games moved to the South Korea in 2001 because of his competitive nature towards the video games in his early age. His favorite game was Starcraft in which he frequently competed in league of the Korea’s Pro Gaming and in the competitions such as Cyber Games of the World Series and the Ongamenet Starleague. Soon he reserved various records in his gaming portions which he set many kinds of accomplishments that he formed in the industry of gambling and still standing as the most impressive player of the world.

Still in his initial twenties, Bertrand Grospellier was brought in to the poker games through a friend and he soon started to play in the PokerStars and apprehend his analytical skills and quick thinking gambling skills. He had started to use these skills on the poker tables to set out on the pathway to become the no. 1 person, who reached out in the Supernova” status on many online casino websites. And within the 2 weeks, he took over the next 4 and half months to appear as the first player of the “Supernova Elite”.

Bertrand Grospellier is known as the “ElkY” also who became known in the circles of online poker casino game as the most remarkable player personality of this game. Apart from this, he played with his skills in the several live poker games and tournaments and found the sound of his dynamic abilities those are important to sit around the poker table. In a very short phase of the time, he found himself on the second place after finishing the European Poker tournaments Scandinavian Open of 2007 with the winning slots of amount $400k. In the January 2008, he won the title of his first EPT event by taking home a stunning amount of $2 million after capturing the winning slots of pokerStars in 2008.

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