A Bracelet in his hands


When you consider playing the games, you can never forget the game of Poker which is actually playable from its inception in this globe. The game is simple, whereby the player needs to handle the cards by knowing the simple tactics or the laws, so that it can help the player out by playing, not just the playing alone whereby the player will gain the money as well as bracelet along with which the player will be popular too. Among such professional players, Bertrand Grospellier is a French Poker professional who is the very first French to earn a WSOP bracelet, a WPT title, and also a European Poker Tour title too.

As ElkY:

Bertrand Grospellier was born on February 8th 1981. His nickname is ElkY. Bertrand Grospellier is the member of Champions for Peace. It’s an international organisation whereby there are a group of 54 players who are just the athletes who engage in serving the world for peace throughout the globe through means of sport. Bertrand Grospellier is also the member of Team Poker Stars. This player is the very first person who reached the Supernova and also the status of Supernova Elite, who turned earning 100, 000 player points in the time span of 2 weeks, and also the latter in the time span of 4 and a half months with the player points of 1, 000, 000.

This player has been ranked as the top Star Craft Players present in the world, this is because he has made the 2nd place in World Cyber Games in the year 2001, when he used to regularly visit vegascasinofrancais.fr. By the year 2002, he turned finishing 2nd too in televised Ongamenet War Craft retail League. He has made the Guinness record for his table sit which he played in an hour.  He earned WPT title in 2008, and 2 WCOOP bracelet in 2009 (one in event 38 and another in event 43) and finally the WSOP in 2011.

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